With Roy C. Booth



Short Stories

“Food Chains” In Shambles Buy Here!

Craft Time in Watering Station, MN” Autumn Burning. Buy Here!

“Gravetending.” Shroud Quarterly #15 Buy Here!

“Mudwife.”  A Forest of Dreams. Buy Here!

“Last Stop.” Temporary Skeletons Buy Here!

“The Most Wonderful Undead Time of the Year.” Death Awaits Buy Here!

“The Screaming Siren.” Growing Concerns. (Out of Print)

“Just Another Ex.” Fresh Fear. Buy Here!

“The Redness on the Edge of the Sore” Rejected Buy Here!

“Kanaima” Rejected for Content II: Aberrant Menagerie Buy Here!

Solo byline:

– “Delicacy” (short story) in Human Cuisine Buy Here!

– Definitions for “horror” and “Stephen King” in Men and Masculinities: A Social. Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia. Buy Here!

Internet Writing:

Slasher Studios. Film reviewer.

Joe Bob’s Book ClubBook reviewer in the category “Esoterica.” (currently inactive)

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