Set the Tone, Amplify the Sound.

After a trip back to my hometown library, where everything was amazing, I’m even more committed to putting a copy of Orphans in front of every person who needs a deep down scaring.

Halloween is coming. You deserve to be frightened, and Roy and I can help you.

And you can help us.

Those of you who already read the book, please take time to give us a quick review and rating on Amazon. When you do that, you’re basically adding an antenna that spreads the creepy tone of our small town scarefest all over this great big planet of ours. If enough of you boost the signal, we can creep EVERYBODY out.

When I imagine the sounds of fear bouncing from antenna to antenna across a night sky, I have to imagine the catchy 80s instrumental jams of Wolfmen of Mars. I love their music, which is why I got online and put out some reviews so their signal can spread. Can’t very well ask for a boost if I don’t give one, right?

Spread the signal! The next book signing is at 3 PM on September 19th, at the Barnes and Noble in Maple Grove. Roy will be there, too, and you’ll get to meet Roxy Orcutt, your author and able-minded Halloween ambassador from Anoka to the world!


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