Farm-Strong Horror


There’s strong, and then there’s farm strong. Here in the Midwest, we cultivate our own brand of tough. Farm Strong. It’s strength from working yourself ragged, trying to be the best.

If you’ve ever run into anything Slasher Studios has done, you understand they’re that kind of tough. I listened to their podcast and was amazed at the consistency and quality. I bought their short films, including the flawless Teddy, and was amazed at the consistency and quality. I started writing reviews for their website. When they announced Don’t Go To The Reunion, their full-length feature, I ponied up some cash and waited.

Guess what? Consistently great. High quality.

Don’t Go To The Reunion is an 80s slasher made by people who don’t cut corners. Kevin Sommerfield’s script sets everyone up for success, the cast hits all the right notes, and Steve Goltz’s direction (with Paul Bjorge’s excellent cinematography) holds it all together. If you like slashers, you watch this movie knowing you’ll watch it again.

The movie excels when everything comes together to make 80s slashers a reality again. Don’t Go to the Reunion avoids retro gimmickry and focuses on the mean-spirited, catty vibe that made watching victims-in-waiting charming. The Slasher Studios crew once again muscles itself through the dreck of nostalgia and actually re-creates and polishes the genre standards it loves.

You might call it a revival.

This crew improves with every project. Next time they ask for cash, give ’em double to see what they’re capable of. They’re Midwest tough – farm strong. They put every penny on the screen.