2012 Was The Opening Band for 2013.

2012 had its flaws, especially since it ended with my dear lil Great Dane Stella surviving serious medical problems.

However, when it comes to writing, 2012 was positively charmed. I was able to make connections with amazing people who have provided me with instruction and inspiration. I’m still working with some of these people in 2013, and I’m excited to see where this work will lead me.

The HooseCows did not get published in 2012. I’m going to review my draft and attempt to find a new home for the baseball horror novel. Still not sure if it’s a baseball novel with horror in it or a horror novel with baseball in it — a distinction important in finding the right publisher. Thoughts?

I’m keeping busy on several writing projects, but one you can check out every week is my Not Quite Horror series at Slasher Studios.In this column, I explain how some non-genre films can be watched as horror films – with interesting results.

Slasher Studios has a cool site, too. They update it regularly. While you’re there, you might as well go donate to support their feature length slasher film Don’t Go to the Reunion? If you loved Jason, Michael, and Freddy when you were a kid, this is a way to keep the tradition alive for the youth of today. They do good work.

My blog at Twins Daily is going to see more action this year. Taking inspiration from King and O’Nan’s Faithful, I’m going to write about the Twins 2013 season from the perspective of a grouchy fan. Expect zero quality analysis (the other writers on the site provide more than enough of that), but count on plenty of attitude.

Between those regular gigs and three projects still getting going, 2013 is the year I’m really a writer doing things and not a writer talking about doing things. No matter how successful any of these projects are, I’m still proud to be right where I am at this moment.