The Fear is Growing – NaNoWriMo Day 10.

In one week, I have written 19,498 words, which amounts to 70 typed, double-spaced pages of writing. Here are some notes.

1) The scope of this thing is going to kill me. Originally, The Devil’s Spiral Shell was supposed to be a claustrophobic horror tale of a guy coming to terms with the horrors of death and aging. Now, the book has taken place in two major cities and is headed to the third. Characters keep popping in and out. I’m dreading the second draft of this one.

2) The character of Derrick was supposed to be a foil to Eldon, my main character, and not much more. Now he’s competing to become a secondary main character. I just can’t stop writing dialogue for him.

3) I’m working in so many of my own personal phobias of awful things to have happen to you physically. Writing out that kind of nastiness is both relaxing and unnerving.

4) Still not sure how it’s going to end, but I know which characters I wouldn’t trust if I were you.


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