Stay Sick – NaNoWriMo Day 4.

I won’t bore you with updates on every day of National Novel Writing Month, but I will update when things get interesting.

I try to write 2000 words a day, to finish on the first day I can — November 25th. Yesterday, I put together 3000 words, getting me closer to be being back on track after a wonderful two day vacation delay.

I’d like to put together another 3000 words today, which won’t be hard at all if the Minnesota Vikings decide to play like buffoons again today.

Two more characters showed up yesterday, with brand new problems and backstories. The novel decided it would be set in Minneapolis (the first scene takes place outside of First Avenue. A character has died, and the plot is ensnaring Eldon, my main character.

I’ve imagined enough of the back story that today could be a gentle walk toward confrontation and conclusion, but I want more from this book.

Instead, today is the day I fight to keep the book unsafe, unsettling, and unforgiving. Much of the battle will be fought and (hopefully) won in these 3000 words.


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