No One EVER Made It All The Way Through.

You waited outside the door in the middle, and then walked up stairs to get the haunted house. Nope. Not intimidating at all.

Pegged Jean Nightmares 30

When my parents gave me permission to visit the local Denver Jaycees Haunted House, I was shocked.

Hadn’t they heard the rumors? Supposedly there was a guy throwing around a real chainsaw. Supposedly they made you hold a real cow eye before they let you out. When I waited in line, I prepared myself for the moment when I had to hold the cow eye in my hand. It shook me to my core.

I was a little miffed there was no cow-eye holding anywhere within the haunted house. I didn’t really WANT to hold a cow-eye, but after I spent so long preparing to hold a cow-eye, it seemed anticlimactic that there was no cow-eye to be held.

Also, our pastor was one of the monsters inside the haunted house. Recognizing him removed all fear from the trip as quickly as if they turned on the lights.

At middle school, when kids described the haunted house, it was clear they were more interested in spreading the legend than telling the truth. I enjoyed the haunted house a lot, but I didn’t remember watching a guy shrink and run into a small door on the ceiling.

I think the greatest haunted house would be a haunted house where people were hypnotized right after walking into the darkness and told every horrible thing they heard and every thing they dreaded while waiting in line had already happened to them, just like they knew it would.

It would be the equivalent of the urban legend of the haunted house too scary to survive, documented here on

If you’ve heard a tall tale about a haunted house, why not share it in the comments section of this post? You don’t have to say if you believed the story or not. We’ll make our own assumptions.


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