You Can Trust GARFIELD, Right?

Pegged Jean Nightmares 29

In the 80s, we tight-rolled our jeans and we loved us some Garfield. Garfield EVERYWHERE. Garfield in the comics, Garfield on your TV, Garfield stuffed animals on your bed. . . When the book orders came in at school, half of the kids got Garfield books.

When commercials began advertising a Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, well, what could be better than that? Millions of us turned on our televisions to watch our favorite fat cat on our favorite holiday

Years later, we survivors still bear the scars. My wife and I both share this fear. We re-watch the special from bed most Halloweens, with all of the lights out. I may be imagining thing, but I swear she holds me just a little tighter when Garfield reaches the end of his trick-or-treating journey.
The opening moments of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure are bland and corny. Things get creepier when Garfield and Odie start trick-or-treating. When they end up in an old house on an island, things get real. The ghosts who come from them are so clearly bent on serious murderizing they’re ALMOST scarier than the old man who warns the cat and dog about the ghosts’ curse.

When The AV Club listed scary episodes of not-so-scary shows, Garfield’s Halloween Adventure was listed first.

It makes me wish Dora the Explorer would drop the gloves and terrify some children this year.


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