Picking My Vacation Book.

In celebration of 10 years of marriage, I am loading up my Kindle with travel reading. When I was a kid, picking up a new book to read during travel time was my favorite part of preparing to travel.

This year, my reading choices are even more important to me.

I am filling my Kindle with books by Tom Piccirilli for this trip.

Tom is an amazing writer, and I’ve been a fan of his for years. He blurs crime and horror seamlessly, and nobody handles dark subject material better. Somehow, even though he writes without flinching or pulling his punches, he makes awful human beings likeable.

Off the page, Tom is accessible and friendly. He’s helpful and friendly on Twitter. He uses his Facebook page to let people promote writing they admire and ask him questions about the business. Without him, I never would have found out what an excellent write Gillian Flynn is. He even answered a question I had about paying homage to Manly Wade Wellman in The Hoosecows. I tossed his first name into the last chapter as a subtle way to say thanks.

Right now, Tom is battling brain cancer. He’s a writer, so he’s going to need financial help from his fans to keep up on his bills. Brian Keene, another writer who’s friends with Tom, highlighted ways of helping out in this blog post.

I’m glad I can take Tom’s writing along with me on my trip. Crossroads Press is sending 100% of the money Tom’s way, and I get a Kindle filled with excellent writing.

Give yourself a Halloween treat, and stock up on Tom’s writing, too. You’re helping a great guy fight a crappy disease, and then you get to spend the winter reading great books. Everybody wins.


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