Crypticon’s Campfire Ashes.

Another Crypticon in the books. Now, the work begins.

I always come home from Crypticon loaded up with homework. Movies to watch, music to listen t0, and books to read. What lessons am I now learning? I’m studying the works of Joe Knetter and MP Johnson. Drink Blood Records gave me discs from They Live and The Funeral and the Twilight. I have In Harm’s Way and Potpourri (for the second time) to watch, from the dependable folks at Restraining Hollywood.

Add to this the fliers and memorized suggestions and you’ve got months worth of scary entertainment. This is a very good thing. Watch and listen to the Crypticon crowds and you know the Minnesotan winter is already on their mind. We have to load up to get through.

Crypticon is Minnesota’s last great bonfire before winter. Ask anyone who attends and they’ll comment on the warmth and familial nature of the convention. Whether you’re standing by a stranger or a friend, you’re only a short greeting away from a friendly conversation about the beloved creatures and mesmerizing maniacs they’re dying to discuss.

When the Crypticon campfire is reduced to ashes, waiting to be lit again in another year, we all head home with new stories to tell, and new stories to watch and learn. It’s the stories that bring us out in the first place, the scarier the better.

So I’ll catch up on my reading and survive the winter. Next year, I want to bring a few stories of my own the ‘con.

– Axel

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