September Stuff.

  • Wrote one new story. I’m leaning toward titling it . . . okay, I got nothing. It’s the workplace horror tale. So far, it passed the “Creepy” test. That’s where I tell the wife what the story is about and wait. If she says “creepy,” it has a shot.
  • After sending out another batch of stories in the next few weeks, I will probably start revising my Halloween-themed romantic comedy. I’m considering self-publishing it. Those who have read it tell me I pulled off a good love story. When people add new books to their Kindles after Christmas, why shouldn’t they add a lovely tale of love at a small-town haunted attraction?
  •  Still no word on The Hoosecows. Not saying I’m excited and anxious, but I check my email and spam folder three times a day.
  •  I will probably do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year, but I won’t be publishing it online. My goal is to write something raw, uncensored, and very scary. Even if I never publish the book, I’d like to see what such a beast looks like.

— Axel

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