The HooseCows Are On The Road!

After finishing my final tinkering, I have submitted The HooseCows for publication. I might wait up to 16 weeks for a response, so I’ll now be working on a few short stories and one larger project I’ve been considering.

During these last few days of editing, I’ve remembered a lot of why I wrote The HooseCows in the first place. Beyond the baseball, it’s a Midwestern Gothic. There are monsters everywhere, and most of them are not supernatural. Most of them are even likeable. They’re just lost in their own spiraling thoughts.

Rural Iowa is filled with open spaces and free time. Because of this, my Midwestern Monsters are constantly at odds with their own minds and desires. I think Hank James biggest problem is he has too much time to think and analyze about what’s going on around him. After all, baseball gives him time to think and analyze, too. I can relate to having too much time to think while looking at endless amounts of flat land all around me.

But it’s time to move on. You’ll notice The HooseCows is no longer online at It’s time for it to move on to professional publication. Besides, the version you read there has been revised and perfected. I’d much rather share the improved version with you at a later date. will remain to distribute information about the book’s future publication.

Enjoy your day. Don’t think too much.


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