Final Countdown, Final Scene.

With under 30 pages left to edit, I will finish the final revision of The HooseCows tonight. Thanks to Rachel and Jeris, who did an amazing job of taking my last draft and cleaning up a lot of sentence-level writing mistakes. No thanks to Bootsy the cat for sitting on the pages I was trying to look at and playing with the rubber band I use to hold the pages together.

At the suggestion of friend Jeff, I’m adding another scene to the first third of the book. It’ll improve the tone and character development of the whole book, which I’m excited about.

There’s something special about the FINAL SCENE in the FINAL DRAFT. Basically, it’s me saying goodbye to years of writing The HooseCows and, hopefully, the scene itself saying hello when readers come across it in the pages of the novel. I want it to stand up and acquit itself nicely, so I’m going to have to pick the appropriate mood music and make this sucker happen.

– Axel

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