Movie Reviews! Only the Choicest Cuts!

I’m currently writing movie reviews for Slasher Studios. I try to pick movies, excellent or awful, that more people need to know about for a crazy scene, an amazing performance, or something so ridiculous it has to be seen to be believed.

Slasher Studios is a fun place. Check out their fun short film “Teddy” or order one of their newer films. I recommend listening to their podcast. It introduced me to the gang as I drove around the city between appointments. Each episode of their podcast is like sitting in a living room with friends, arguing over a pile of VHS tapes and laughing. If you’ve missed that — as I have — start listening to the show today!

Just turn down your car radio during the opening scream of the show. Very loud, that scream.

And if you’ve missed my reviews, here are some handy links to what you’ve missed:

Blood Games

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back



Split Second

— Axel



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