Falling (Back) On Hard Times – And Happy As Can Be.

I called an audible and skipped the bar scene. Instead, I went to the only coffee shop I’ve ever known tough enough to look like the vampire bar in From Dusk Till Dawn.

I hadn’t been in Hard Times Cafe in well over five years, and going back for a Cafe Miel and editing session brought back college memories. Except this time I wasn’t smoking, I couldn’t handle strong coffee, and my outfit didn’t look like something on a GI Joe guy no one bought (as my college RA described my fashion taste).

If you don’t know, Hard Times has coffee with the kick of a good whiskey and a punky style of decoration. It’s a place people go to discuss the “hegemony of hipsters” (something I actually heard being discussed today), or to sell pictures of themselves blowing fire (a memory from a college visit).

When I was in college I went there to work on writing, and I once celebrated making an 10 minute silent film about a murderous college student at Hard Times. Back then, the cigarette smoke was Bogart-movie thick. Now, the smoke is gone, but the place still has the right feel.

Between my time at Hard Times and the rest of my editing at home, I finished revising all three remaining stories. One of them, “Last Stop,” forced me to take a break until the shivers went away. It’s on probation right now – it may be too cynical for me to consider publishing.

By the way, I had planned on printing up “Mudwife” and not “Last Stop. I feel like there’s some sort of fate involved here.

Still hoping to get one more story out tonight. Time for more caffeine.

– Axel


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