I Never Could Dress Myself.

Looking at my website, I realize it just doesn’t look quite right.

Truth be told, I’ve been looking at this website quite a bit and I just can’t gussy it enough to make it pretty.

I have the same problem trying to get myself to look presentable before leaving the house. In the days before my wife Michelle, I wandered around college wearing:

1) pleather pants and Hawaiian shirts

2) a blaze orange shirt-vest and an orange, purple, and white head scarf.

3) Black jeans and a black military shirt.

Don’t think I’ve grown up, either. I would still wear any one of these outfits if given the chance (read: Michelle takes a vacation or loses her vision for a brief period of time). I’m incurable.

Because my bad taste is terminal, I’m going to need help. If you’re reading this, please look around this website. It’s not much now, but it’s going to be the place you can go to check up on my writing progress.

What do you want from this site? What does it need? I need your help. Otherwise, the next time you see this website it could be blaze orange.



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