Scary Stories Go Marching Forth

The process of sending out my short fiction has begun, and I already have my first rejection email to prove it.

I’m currently editing “The Redness at the Edge of the Sore” for publication. It’s a story I really like. It came from years of wondering what it’d be like to be an action movie thug, sitting in some rusty sedan and thinking about the TV dinners in their kitchen cupboard. After years of watching those movies, I started cheering for the namelesss thugs more than I cheered for the heroes.

The rejected story is already back out, looking for a home. It’s called “Craft Time at Watering Station, Minnesota.” Its roots go all the way back to finding the occult book section of the Denver Public Library in Denver, Iowa. A small picture book called “Devils and Demons” started scaring me in elementary school.

At a book sale years later, I actually got to buy that book from the library. It’s sitting on a bookshelf in my house right now. I don’t know if that’s good luck or bad luck for me.

They’re both stories I’m very fond of, and I hope to see them in print sometime soon.


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